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3 Things You Can Expect During The Process Of Divorce

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

For most people considering a divorce, it is often their first time through the process, and – understandably – they don't know much about it. Below are...

5 Questions To Ask When Searching For A Family Law Attorney

Author: Erin D. DeGeorge

A divorce is a major decision that comes with a significant life change. Understandably, you’ll want to choose the best family law attorney to represent you....

Best Ways To Prepare For Divorce Court

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

There’s often no shortage of questions surrounding the divorce process, especially when faced with the nervousness or intimidation that comes along with...

How Long Does The Process Of Divorce Normally Take?

Author: Carolyn B. Hand

There are generally two types of people who come in for a divorce consultation: The first isn’t sure they really want a divorce, and the second wants it...

Why You Should Hire A Certified Family Law Attorney

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

The average divorce takes lots of time, energy and patience to finalize. Now is not the time to hire an inexperienced lawyer. Instead, to ensure the very best...

3 Reasons Why You Might Need A Copy Of Your Divorce Decree

Author: Erin D. DeGeorge

Your divorce is finalized, and you’re ready to move on. As antsy as you may be to cut ties with your ex and the whole divorce process once and for all, there...

How The New Federal Tax Code Changes Impact Divorce; and Why New Jersey’s Alimony “Rule of Thumb” and Child Support Guidelines Are Now Obsolete

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

By Luther Jones The implications of last month’s federal tax reforms are so vast that just about everyone will be impacted – including, most notably,...

How To Know If Family Court Is Necessary For Your Specific Case

Author: Carolyn B. Hand

Just the idea of going to court can be draining – both emotionally and physically. As a result, in recent years there has been a trend toward trying to...

Common Misconceptions About Divorce Law In New Jersey

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

With the internet readily at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to search for just about anything that comes to mind – including divorce facts or...

What You Should Know About How Child Support Is Calculated In NJ

Author: Erin D. DeGeorge

In theory, calculating child support should be one of the most straightforward aspects of the divorce process. Child support, in New Jersey, is calculated...

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Cake cutting splitting two men.


The laws about same sex civil unions are important to understand to know how to end a civil union in New Jersey. In New Jersey, two people of the same sex can enter into a civil union. Before marriage between same sex partners became legal, this was the only way for same sex couples to join their...

November 10, 2020 Read More

Effects of emotional abuse on children.

Emotional Abuse in a Marriage

STAYING SAFE IS MOST IMPORTANT AND YOUR TOP PRIORITY If you are in an emotionally abusive marriage, you are in a vulnerable position due to that abuse, and your divorce will have unique nuances and challenges. But first things first. If you are experiencing emotional abuse from your...

November 5, 2020 Read More

Husband and wife conflicted on the division of assets.


In the divorce world, the law in New Jersey calls the process of splitting assets and debts equitable distribution. There is a 3-step process for dividing assets in a divorce.   HOW ARE ASSETS DIVIDED IN A DIVORCE?   Step #1: Determine what assets and debts are included in the equitable...

November 3, 2020 Read More

Divorce: The Answers you Need – Before, During & After

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