Although relatively new to the New Jersey family law landscape, collaborative divorce can be a great option for couples who are looking to settle their divorce amicably without facing long, drawn out court battles. This alternative dispute resolution method, which was approved by former governor Chris Christie in 2014, often involves a team of experts (financial advisors, mortgage advisors, accountants, child experts, etc.) and can be faster and less costly than traditional divorce. Many divorcing couples find that the greatest benefit of collaborative divorce in New Jersey is that it allows the individuals to maintain control of the process and outcome.

Non-adversarial in nature, the goal of collaborative divorce is to minimize the conflict that is prevalent in so many traditional divorce cases. Instead of conflict, the collaboratively trained team of interdisciplinary experts uses cooperation and communication to achieve an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved. And instead of competing attorneys controlling the process, the divorcing couple determines both the process and the outcome. In cases where children are involved, the collaborative divorce process has proven to help them avoid the long-term financial and emotional costs of a bitter, divisive traditional divorce.

Collaborative divorce differs from mediation in that both parties and their lawyers sign a contract agreeing not to litigate and instead participate in this alternative dispute resolution process.

DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law Attorneys are trained in collaborative divorce. Rosanne DeTorres is a certified collaborative divorce attorney in New Jersey and can help you bring together the right team of professionals to help you and your former spouse settle your divorce quickly and amicably.

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