Benefits of Family Counseling for Divorced Parents


Benefits of Family Counseling for Divorced Parents

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The process of creating a cooperative parenting plan or co-parenting schedule after a divorce oftentimes can be difficult to achieve, particularly if the divorce is very contentious. People who are involved in a divorce almost always have trouble discussing the way in which sharing child custody should be managed. Therapy after a divorce or therapy that is ongoing during the divorce process can help pave the way for better communication as cooperative parenting, or co-parenting is put into place, which will allow the arrangement to be productive for everyone involved, especially the children after the divorce is finalized.

Sharing child custody can be much easier if family counseling for divorced parents is included in the process that is followed during the divorce. Family therapy for divorced parents can help make the process of divorcing easier on everyone, including the children who are involved. Divorce counseling for families is also offered so that children can access the support that they need to get through what is most often a very difficult situation for them to process as their parents work through the divorce.

What Are the Benefits of Family Counseling for Divorced Parents in New Jersey?

When you are going through the divorce process, you might feel like you do not have time for [participating in parenting counseling for divorced parents as  you or working to manage everything that comes along with divorcing your spouse. You may also think that your children do not need counseling for children of divorced parents. In many cases, however, the benefits of family counseling for divorced parents improves communications between the parties and brings about a positive impact on the family as a whole, because the children are able to observe productive and healthy communication between their parents, which is a necessary part of the healing process while also having an independent person involved, who can help to create positive solutions to issues directly and indirectly impacting the children. 

The benefits of seeking family counseling for divorced parents are significant and oftentimes are not fully appreciated until the process actually begins. Many people tend to forget that children are impacted directly by the divorce as well, and might need their own support from a counselor. For those who are going through a New Jersey divorce, these are some of  the benefits of family counseling for divorced parents:

·         Better Communication

Like it or not, when you have kids with someone that you are divorcing, you will still maintain a relationship with that person, about issues concerning your children. Topics such as  pick-up times, drop-off times, and other special events and trips will need to be discussed with your former spouse on a regular basis. When communication is improved by family counseling for divorced parents, everyone benefits. When two parents refuse to communicate in a healthy, productive manner following the divorce, the children suffer.  

·         Keeps Focus on the Children

When a counseling professional is involved in family counseling for divorced parents, it is much easier to keep the focus on the children. Co-parenting can be tough, but if both parties remember to think about their children first, things can be much less contentious overall. Children often have very little say in any part of a divorce, and their needs can become lost in the shuffle of the split and struggles over co-parenting rights and duties. Family counseling for divorced parents will reduce the chance that the children involved will feel like they are not being heard or that their opinions and feelings are not valid.

·         Work on Co-parenting Strategies

Family counseling for divorced parents allows both parties to work on co-parenting strategies that help take pressure off the children and focus on improving the communication and understanding between everyone involved. It can be hard to talk to someone that you were unable to stay married to, but with the co-parenting strategies in mind, you can both work hard to meet in the middle when it is necessary.  

·         Define and Review Parameters of the Co-parenting Plan

One of the key benefits of family counseling for divorced parents is that the co-parenting plan is reviewed and discussed on an ongoing basis. In the state of New Jersey, a co-parenting plan will include specific details that both parents will be expected to follow. When this agreement is not followed correctly, legal action can be taken by either parent requiring the parties to return to Court. Returning to Court is a course of action that should be avoided where possible. Engaging in the counseling process often allows for parties to discuss issues with an independent person who can offer advice and opinions to everyone involved while facilitating a positive approach to navigating issues before they escalate.

Family Counseling for Divorced Parents is Important

When you are going through a divorce, a skilled divorce lawyer can help you to arrange family counseling and implement the most favorable parenting plan after your divorce.

Family counseling for divorced parents is an important step in the process of obtaining a New Jersey divorce. Working with an experienced family law attorney is critical to creating your co-parenting plan design, as well as your ability to talk to and work with your former spouse after a divorce.

Contact us at DeTorres & DeGeorge today for assistance with your divorce counseling process. Our skilled team in Florham Park and Clinton NJ can help you draft  the parenting plan and divorce agreement that is fair for your and your children.




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