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How To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Divorce Settlement

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

When negotiating a settlement agreement with your spouse, it is important that you include a complete resolution of all of the issues in your case.  Your...

Our Best Tips for Peacefully Getting Through A Contested Divorce

Author: Carolyn B. Hand

When parties file a Complaint for Divorce they must file under one of the “causes of action”, meaning the basis for the divorce.  The most common cause of...

3 Ideas To Help You In Coping With Divorce

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

Divorce is an emotional and difficult experience no matter your age or financial security.  It is the dissolution of an important family bond that has likely...

3 Things to Think About When Choosing A Divorce Mediation Attorney

Author: Erin D. DeGeorge

If you and your spouse are in agreement that your marriage is over and you simply need some guidance to make decisions regarding a settlement of your divorce,...

How To Make Sure Your Cost Of Divorce Doesn’t Break The Bank

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

Clients are always very concerned with the cost of their divorce proceedings, and with good reason. In New Jersey, it’s not uncommon for the hourly rates of...

Is It Possible To File For Separation In New Jersey?

Author: Carolyn B. Hand

One of the first questions many couples first think about is how to get legally separated in New Jersey. But this is a common misconception—you cannot...

How To Know If You Are Coping With Divorce In A Healthy Way

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

Divorce is a very emotional process. Almost everyone who comes in to discuss a possible divorce is angry, frustrated, or sad, or likely a combination of all of...

5 Things To Make Sure Are Included In Your Divorce Settlement

Author: Erin D. DeGeorge

A marital settlement agreement (MSA) is a comprehensive written document that outlines the entire agreement between yourself and your spouse with regard to...

3 Things To Consider When It Comes To The Cost Of Divorce

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

Often when people come to consultations with one of our attorneys, they are primarily concerned with three (3) things: how a divorce is going to affect their...

When Will Divorce Mediation Work For You

Author: Carolyn B. Hand

Mediation works successfully for many divorcing families. We have found that while cooperative couples more readily choose to mediate, families with high...

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Couple sitting on sofa signing documents

Do Prenups Actually Hold Up in Court in New Jersey?

If you live in the state of New Jersey and are wondering about how long does a prenup last, or you wonder are prenups upheld in court, you are not alone. People who are considering getting a prenup often also have questions about parenting time, and co-parenting being included in a prenup. There...

June 7, 2022 Read More

Divorce decree with rings and gavel

Can a Divorce be Reopened in New Jersey?

There are limited circumstances that will allow someone to reopen a divorce in the state of New Jersey. If you are wondering, can a divorce be reopened, you are not alone. There are many people who ask this question each year as modifications and changes to the divorce determination become logical....

June 3, 2022 Read More

Father and child walking on beach

Summer Parenting Plans in New Jersey

Summer parenting time and a summer custody schedule in the state of New Jersey are common reasons that people seek help from a skilled divorce or family law attorney. The summer schedule for divorced parents can be a source of conflict related to co-parenting and the joint custody summer...

May 26, 2022 Read More

Divorce: The Answers you Need – Before, During & After

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