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How to win a divorce case as a man

Author: Nicole Casciola and Erin DeGeorge

Oftentimes, men contemplating a divorce have concerns about how to win a divorce case as a man. Particularly, men are often concerned about the divorce process...

Who Pays Attorney Fees In Divorce?

Author: Nicole Casciola and Erin DeGeorge

For many people considering filing for divorce, or for those who have already filed for divorce, the financial costs can be a significant concern. Oftentimes...

Understanding Spousal Support and Alimony in New Jersey

Author: Nicole Casciola and Erin DeGeorge

The phrases, alimony and spousal support, can be used interchangeably. These phrases refer to support paid to and for the other spouse. This support...

How is property divided in a divorce in New Jersey?

Author: Nicole Casciola and Erin DeGeorge

One of the primary aspects of a divorce situation involves the distribution of property. If you are contemplating divorce or are already involved in a divorce,...

What is the best time to file for divorce?

Author: Nicole Casciola and Rosanne DeTorres

People who are planning to divorce often want to know when is the best time to file for divorce. When people are considering divorce, they have overwhelming...

Not Disclosing Assets in Divorce

Author: Nicole Casciola and Erin DeGeorge

Hiding assets and income can be one of the most frustrating and contentious aspects of the divorce process. Unfortunately, people too often attempt to hide or...

Paying Bills While Divorce is Pending in New Jersey

Author: Nicole Casciola and Kristen Blucher

When a couple divorces in the state of New Jersey, there are always several issues that must be addressed. There are primary concerns, such as the distribution...

What is Retroactive Child Support in the State of New Jersey?

Author: Rosanne S. DeTorres

In the state of New Jersey, Child support is laid out through a variety of specific laws that must be followed by those who are the guardians of children...

What Happens To the Rental Property During a Divorce?

Author: Caitlin DeGuilo Toker

When couples divorce, decisions have to be made about dividing the marital property. Marital property includes more than just the family home, financial...

Is NJ an Equitable Distribution State?


New Jersey is one of many equitable distribution states. Equitable distribution means that the marital property of two spouses (or a spouse and a partner) are...

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Man and woman sitting on a bed, both are upset

Are you unhappily married?

According to an article published in Healthline by Rebecca Strong, "Five consequences of an unhappy marriage and five tips to work toward change,” the potential consequences of staying in an unhappy marriage include a negative impact on your children, increased stress, increased conflict,...

December 3, 2023 Read More

Kids in sports uniforms standing in a huddle

Do I have to pay for extracurricular activities if I pay child support?

When people are navigating divorce or separation from their child’s other parent, a significant part of negotiating the new normal is addressing the financial expenses for the children. Child support is the main component of maintaining expenses for the children. But, child support may not always...

November 22, 2023 Read More

Woman on phone and looking at car damage

My husband took me off insurance before divorce: car insurance during separation.

In addition to dealing with so many emotional and financial issues during a pending divorce matter, there are also logistical issues that require everyone’s attention, such as navigating the maintenance of insurance. Specifically, car insurance during divorce or separation can be another...

November 16, 2023 Read More

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