Most common divorce mistakes that can cost you


Most common divorce mistakes that can cost you

Woman and man standing in front of desk with man behind deskWhen navigating the process of divorce, it is important to avoid divorce mistakes that can cost you. One of the biggest divorce mistakes includes choosing to represent yourself rather than hiring an attorney. Although a litigant is not required to have counsel in New Jersey for the divorce process, it can be complicated, and ensuring that you have qualified legal representation to protect yourself is critical. Often times people rely too heavily on taking advice from friends or family members, and while these people mean well, and in some situations can provide a strong support system, if they are not attorneys themselves oftentimes the situation is complicated because friends and family members are sharing their own experiences, which may be different than yours.

If you do retain counsel, it’s important to be honest with that person. People often place too much attachment on winning and focusing on beating the other spouse. Divorce situations are not like other legal matters. This is a highly emotional process and it can be challenging to navigate. It’s important to have realistic goals and expectations for the outcome of the divorce process but also having perspective as to what will happen once the divorce is finalized is necessary. People that have children have to remember that it is important not to disparage the child’s other parent and make efforts to co-parent in a positive way even if it’s difficult to do at times. 

Sometimes people put too much emphasis on their home or certain other real estate interests. This is an important divorce mistake to avoid because ensuring that the financial outcome is appropriate is one of the biggest financial mistakes to avoid during divorce.  At times, people are too emotionally attached to material items and are not able to make the best choices for themselves or their children. 

Why is moving out the biggest mistake in divorce ?

Sometimes people no longer want to be in the home and they don’t think it through and simply want to leave the house rather than weighing all of their options,  which can include the costs of obtaining alternate housing during the divorce. Sometimes people will be selling their home during the divorce process and once they move out it becomes more difficult to be involved in readying of the home for sale. Also, if you move out of the home that you own with your spouse, you will still have a financial obligation to maintain that property, which can be a hardship if you are no longer living in the home.

Can I divorce before financial settlement? 

The overall objective is always to resolve all of the issues before finalizing the divorce. There may be circumstances when that’s not possible but it is strongly recommended that all of the issues be resolved before you move forward with the divorce, to ensure that both parties are committed to reaching a realistic resolution that everyone can live by once the divorce is finalized.

Navigating the divorce process can be tricky. Sometimes people are reluctant to add another person to the process, especially if they already have an accountant or tax advisor involved as well as a realtor or mortgage professional. However, while the attorneys that you hire to represent you are the legal experts, retaining a certified divorce coach can also be helpful in certain situations, as you may find that these professionals have mediation, legal and therapeutic backgrounds. Here at DeTorres & DeGeorge, we can connect you with a certified divorce coach that specializes in working with clients starting at the earliest stages of divorce.  These professionals can also help you navigate the potential divorce mistakes that may arise.

Contact the qualified legal experts at DeTorres and DeGeorge. We are here to help you and can guide you to avoid the most common divorce mistakes that can cost you.  Schedule a consultation today.


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