The Benefits of Sharing Holidays After Divorce

Many parenting plans create a holiday schedule that either gives each parent specific holidays every year or creates a schedule that alternates holidays between the parents throughout the year, so that both parents have holiday time with their child. Holiday schedules are important so both parents and children to continue to have special holiday time with each other.

Instead of dividing or alternating holidays, some parents instead choose to spend holidays together as a family. One parent may come to the other’s home for Christmas or Hanukah and spend the day together. They may decide to go to Easter services and brunch together or have Passover together. The whole family might have one party for the child’s birthday. Sharing holidays can have many benefits.

  • Both parents get to see the child on the actual holiday.
  • There are no disputes over transfer times or having equal time.
  • Your child’s life is less disrupted.
  • Having both parents together may make the child feel very happy.
  • You continue to make family memories together.
  • You solidify the fact that you are and will always be a family.

This approach does not work for every family. You and your ex must be able to spend time together without fighting or creating tension. One parent must feel comfortable welcoming the other into his or her home. This approach can be very useful for young children in the years immediately after a divorce. As your children get older and as your lives change, you may find that other arrangements suit everyone better. If one of you remarries or has other children, this tradition could become uncomfortable or unworkable.

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The Benefits of Sharing Holidays After Divorce The Benefits of Sharing Holidays After Divorce The Benefits of Sharing Holidays After Divorce DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law Attorneys