Changing Attorneys in Your Divorce Case in NJ

Working with an attorney is like working with any other professional. Sometimes it just isn’t a good fit. In rare cases, an attorney could make a mistake, fail to listen to you, or do things you don’t agree with. If your attorney doesn’t return your calls, take you seriously, or fight for what you need and want, you might feel it is time to make a change. It is your right to choose another attorney and find someone you are comfortable with and who has the experience you need.

If you decide to change attorneys, you need to be aware that sometimes this decision is not entirely up to you. If you are already in the trial phase of your case, your attorney will need to get permission from the court to withdraw from the case. In most instances, the judge will allow the change, but clients who constantly change attorneys out of indecision or to purposely delay the proceedings may be denied permission to do so.

If you decide to change attorneys there are several things you need to do:

  • Be clear that you no longer need the services of your current attorney and that you are leaving the practice.
  • Ask for a final bill that shows how charges have been applied against your retainer and what, if anything you owe.
  • Request a copy of your file. Doing so will greatly reduce the amount of work your new attorney will need to do.
  • Carefully research and interview new attorneys so that you are certain the person you are switching to will meet your needs and work well with you.
  • Be completely honest with your new attorney and establish a good working relationship.

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Changing Attorneys in Your Divorce Case in NJ Changing Attorneys in Your Divorce Case in NJ Changing Attorneys in Your Divorce Case in NJ DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law Attorneys