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For most people, divorce is much more than a major legal process; it’s a challenging time of upheaval that affects virtually every area of a person’s life. We’re here to make the transition a little easier by providing you with a guide to divorce.

Our Divorce Guide will help you navigate this emotional journey with practical articles, tips, and advice that not only arm you with knowledge about the process itself but empower you to build the satisfying life you deserve.

Our step-by-step divorce guide will help you:

  • Understand important steps in the legal process, with advice on how to select and work with your lawyers, the ins and outs of mediation and what to expect from your judge
  • Navigate parental complexities, including how to break it to your kids, tips for successful cooperative parenting and co-parenting with a difficult ex-spouse
  • Think through the financial nuances to ensure you land on a foundation of financial stability
  • Manage your physical and emotional health

Download our guide to separation and divorce that will give you helpful information and advice to make the process a bit easier and the transition a bit smoother.

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