Why You Should Use Mediation for Child Custody

Child custody cases are typically some of the most adversarial types of cases heard in family court in New Jersey. These kinds of cases are deeply emotional and often result in parents slinging as much mud at each as possible to try to sway the court. The results of these cases are usually a custody order that makes neither parent completely happy and a co-parenting relationship that has likely been damaged beyond repair. Children are also often the unintended victims in these cases, being pulled in two directions.

There is a better alternative. Mediation can be used to resolve child custody cases in New Jersey. Parents meet with a neutral third-party mediator, usually an attorney trained in mediation. The mediator guides the parents through the decisions that are before them in a cooperative and thoughtful manner. The emphasis is on finding solutions together and working as a family to plan for the future. There is no finger-pointing, blame, or personal attacks. Instead, the parents are encouraged to work directly with each other and create compromise. In addition, parents who use mediation are able to save a lot of money since mediation is much less expensive than a trial.

Parents emerge from mediation with a complete parenting plan that is approved by the court. The plan is customized to fit their unique family and is not a cookie cutter solution. Parents who use mediation find that they are able to use their problem-solving skills to solve conflicts that may come up in the future, keeping them out of court. Children benefit from the process because it is peaceful and family focused. They see that their parents are continuing to parent together, preserving a feeling of security.

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Why You Should Use Mediation for Child Custody Why You Should Use Mediation for Child Custody Why You Should Use Mediation for Child Custody DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law Attorneys