Should I get a divorce lawyer?


Should I get a divorce lawyer?

People at a table with documents and a gavelWhen contemplating divorce one of the first questions that people always ask is, “should I get a divorce lawyer?”. The answer is a resounding, “yes,” with the appropriate caveats. Often, people are swayed against hiring a divorce attorney because they want to save the costs that they would otherwise be paying toward attorney fees. The caveat is that costs and resources cannot be ignored. However, retaining legal representation is paramount in a divorce action and failure to obtain a divorce lawyer can have significant negative and long term consequences of the settlement or final judgment.

Why do you need a lawyer for divorce?

While family court may not require attorneys to represent the parties during a litigation in the state of New Jersey, it is highly recommended when clients pose the question, “should I hire a divorce lawyer?”. It is always best to have an attorney represent your interests. Oftentimes, without counsel to provide guidance, people misunderstand the divorce process. It is very easy for people to feel pressured or coerced by the other party, or just the process in general, without an attorney to advocate for them.  It is also invaluable to have a divorce attorney present to explain the consequences of certain outcomes and decisions that have to be made along the way.

Can any lawyer do a divorce?

You should hire an attorney that specializes in family law. Family law practitioners have the experience necessary to understand the complexity of family law issues, and balance that knowledge with the impact that the process is having upon the parties, which not only includes a financial impact, but also an emotional impact as well.

How to find the right divorce lawyer?

Finding the right divorce lawyer is an important step in insuring that the divorce process gets off to a smooth start. You should hire a divorce lawyer who has your best interest in mind. Seeking recommendations from family and friends, and using online resources to research attorneys in your area, are both good tools to use in finding a trusted divorce attorney who will advocate for you.  Divorces are very personal and they are very much unlike other litigations. It is crucial that you are comfortable with the person that you will be working with while your divorce is pending. There will be very private, sensitive information that will need to be discussed and revealed and you want to be sure that you’re working with someone discreet, and someone that you trust.

Questions to ask a divorce attorney before hiring 

When people ask whether they should hire a divorce lawyer, certain factors should be considered. Be sure that you find out the person’s hourly rate. Be sure that you have a clear understanding of how the firm operates. Make sure that you ask if you will be working with more than one attorney, or perhaps working with a paralegal when an attorney is not available. Find out if there are ways that costs can be reduced, which sometimes can be achieved by working with a paralegal or associate attorney.

Best female divorce attorneys near me

Here at DeTorres and DeGeorge we are committed to fair and compassionate representation of our clients. We deliver personal service with large firm experience to help New Jersey residents achieve the best possible result in their divorce. Our team has a combined experience of more than 65 years, and while New Jersey family law can be complex and overwhelming, we strive to simplify the process for our clients so that they can manage the divorce process while working forward to create the best future for themselves. We understand the challenges that you are experiencing while going through the divorce process and dedicate ourselves to zealously advocating for our clients’ needs. We work hard to settle most cases out of court, but when necessary, we are prepared to litigate and have the knowledge, skills and determination to do so. We have won numerous awards for outstanding client satisfaction, and we are dedicated to our community, serving in a number of leadership positions.  Schedule a consultation today and we can discuss why you should get a divorce lawyer!


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