How to win a divorce case as a man


How to win a divorce case as a man

Man's hands folded on a table with a wedding ringOftentimes, men contemplating a divorce have concerns about how to win a divorce case as a man. Particularly, men are often concerned about the divorce process and their rights as parents if there are children of the marriage. In New Jersey, men enjoy the same rights as women and are entitled to equal custody and support if the circumstances provide, the same as they would for women. In addition, men are not precluded from spousal support, otherwise referred to as alimony, if they were the supported spouse during the marriage. It should be reassuring to know that in the state of New Jersey, there is no longer a maternal presumption for mothers and women. Mothers and fathers start out on equal footing with respect to their parental rights. 

Men often want to know how to win a divorce case as a man, and whether there are certain steps that they can take, or should take differently than a woman might take in preparing for divorce. Arguably, most of the preparation that a man should be doing may apply to a woman as well. However, a good checklist for men in particular relates to some of the changes that will come. Obviously, during a divorce, men and women lose their spouse. But often, following a divorce men report that they feel that they have lost the familial bonds, the relationship with their children, and their overall sense of happiness that stemmed from that family dynamic that inevitably changes. If the mother is the parent of primary custody and the ultimate arrangement will be that the children are primarily with their mother, oftentimes men feel a great sense of loss in a different way. 

So how can a man win a divorce case? Here are some important divorce tips for husbands, which will help you as you navigate how to win a divorce as a man:

Identifying all of the financial information and having a full and complete copy of your documents as well as your spouse’s documents is helpful before any discussions take place regarding divorce.

Ensuring that you have access to bank accounts that are in your name alone, as well as securing a credit card in your name alone. If your wife typically handles all of the maintenance of the expenses, you want to be sure that you also have access to those accounts. Update, passwords and your mailing address, particularly if you’re no longer living in the home.

Secure your credit cards and financial accounts and make sure that you have access to necessary information that you’ll need during the divorce process.  Protect your privacy and yourself. 

It is not enough to consult with an attorney. You should also consider seeking the services of a mental health professional, who can guide you during the divorce process.

Create a list of your priorities and issues that matter to you most so that you can identify them clearly to your attorney, but also to your spouse when you begin negotiations.

While sometimes certain issues may seem stereotypical. It’s important to avoid those pitfalls. For example, if you as the man are the parent who earns more income, controls the finances, or maintains the automobile and health insurance for your family, do not, under any circumstances, remove those things or delete those things for your spouse to gain leverage in the divorce process. Likewise, if you are concerned about your relationship with your children, do not under any circumstances, disparage their mother to them. Even if you believe that you have a legitimate basis to do so, because in the long run it will be much better for you to refrain from doing so.  Your children will form their own opinions.

If you want to know how to win a divorce case as a man, contact DeTorres & DeGeorge today. We have demonstrated our commitment and success in our continued representation of men and fathers in divorces. We can provide guidance to you as to men’s rights in a divorce and what men should ask for in a divorce settlement. Schedule your consultation today to learn how to win a divorce case as a man.


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