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Divorce is rough on everyone involved – especially children. Young children don’t understand why their world is falling apart. Some children think they’re to blame because their parents don’t get along. Moving from one home to another and back again – after the divorce is final – is a difficult, traumatic experience for everyone.

Fortunately, there are some resources parents can use. There are children’s books about divorce and separation written by parents who have gone through the same divorce experience. There are divorce books for toddlers, books about divorce for preschoolers, divorce books for tweens, and divorce books for teenagers. There are divorce books for kids written by child psychologists.Cover images of children’s books about divorce and separation.

Curated List of Children’s Books About Divorce and Separation

Some notable children’s books about divorce and separation, according to, include the following:

Two Homes Filled with Love: A Story about Divorce and Separation (My Dragon Books).

This children’s book about divorce and separation helps children cope with the separation and divorce of their parents. It teaches the children (this book is aimed at young children) that they’re always loved – whether they live in one home or two.

It’s an imaginative book in which Drew and Diggory Doo, his dragon, help a friend whose parents divorce and the friend now has to live in two homes.

Creative Interventions for Children of Divorce.

The audience for this book is the child professional who works with and treats children of divorce. The book helps these practitioners help children by including a variety of games, arts, stories, and more. The book is broken down into the following chapter topics:

  • General guidelines and effective counseling methods
  • A discussion of some of the latest literature on children of divorce
  • A questionnaire for parents and a reproducible handout
  • Creative activities for children to help them express their feelings, separate themselves from the conflicts of their parents, address anger and self-blame, and develop strategies for learning how to cope.

The book also includes a ten-week group curriculum that practitioners can use and a sample letter the professional can give a child when the therapy sessions are complete.

Living with Mom and Living with Dad Hardcover.

In this book, a child’s parents don’t live together anymore. The child splits time between her mom and the mom’s cat – and her father. The child’s bedrooms are different in each home. There are different toys in each home though she takes her favorite toys with her whenever she switches homes. The book has a lot of colorful illustrations. The author focuses on the love and parental involvement of both parents that is critical when the routines of the child shift as the child moves from home to home.

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way Paperback.

This children’s book about divorce and separation focuses on giving children of divorce the love, guidance, and support they need. The book is based on a program developed by Gary Neuman which the book description claims has helped more than 50,000 children cope with divorce.

The book/program addresses the following topics among others:

  • How to create a strong co-parenting relationship – even when that seems impossible
  • Determining if and when your child should meet with a therapist
  • Scripts that are age-appropriate and address certain sensitive topics
  • What children should expect when a parent moves away
  • How parents can stop fighting with each other after the divorce is final
  • How to help your kids cope with the changes divorce brings including their fears
  • How to manage custody and visitation
  • How to help your child cope when parents date new people and when parents remarry

The book includes 100 works of art which gives parents some input on how children view divorce. The book also includes a variety of exercises to help parents connect with their children.

The aim of this children’s book about divorce and separation is to show that divorce can be an opportunity to strengthen the child/parent relationship and give the children the strength to grow.

At DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law, our divorce lawyers understand how hard divorce is on children. That’s why we work to resolve divorce disputes through negotiation, mediation, and collaboration instead of rushing into a contentious court fight. We work with child and adult psychologists who help children and parents cope with the emotional stresses of a divorce. This list of children’s book about divorce and separation may be valuable to your child or children if you and your spouse are undergoing a divorce.

In most divorces involving children, agreements are reached about child custody and visitation. To discuss your divorce rights and learn how to protect your children, call us at 908-691-2104 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We have offices in Clinton and Morristown.

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