AI Lawyers and Divorce


AI Lawyers and Divorce

A hand pointing at the letters AI on a computer screenBy now most people are at least familiar with the phrase “AI,” which stands for artificial intelligence.  Some maintain that the legal world is going to be revolutionized by the changes that are coming. According to, “AI Lawyers? How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Practice of Law,” written by Ellen Glover, July 25, 2023,, a 2023 study by researchers at Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania and New York University found that “legal services “is among the industries most exposed to occupational change from generative AI.”  “Another report published in 2023 by economists at Goldman Sachs estimated that 44% of legal work could be automated by emerging AI tools.”

Will AI replace lawyers?

According to Glover, it is unlikely that AI will replace lawyers. At the moment, AI is capable only of “predicting words “and the notion that we will soon face the society of an AI lawyer, as opposed to a human lawyer, seems to be less of a concern.” There should not be a concern that humans will be replaced because “being a lawyer is more than just fulfilling a task.” Glover maintains that as of today, the negotiating skills and the oral skills exhibited by successful attorneys in most areas of the law, cannot be achieved by AI.

Some maintain that it is negligent for lawyers and people in the legal world to ignore the potential positive aspects of what some have started referring to as an “AI revolution“.

AI tools for lawyers

ChatGPT, one of the most commonly known generative AI tools, has developed a somewhat negative reputation in the short period of time since it has become more widely used and well known over the last year.  However, legal software companies, such as LexisNexis have taken a different spin on this form of generative artificial intelligence. Such companies have incorporated generative AI into its packaging and subscription plans being promoted to lawyers. It is being presented to lawyers and people in firms responsible for decisions about marketing materials and resources as a positive addition that should be incorporated into law firms, and one that can be used to benefit lawyers as well as firm clients. 

One of the positive aspects that has been focused on is reducing the amount of time that lawyers spend researching and writing, so that lawyers can spend time doing things that generative AI cannot do such as arguing, negotiating, and appearing in court. This fear that we will soon be in a world of humans replaced by an AI lawyer is being discounted by those in the resource industry for lawyers suggesting that this is simply another technological advance that should be utilized to the industry’s benefit and to the services provided by clients.  There is an expectation that AI tools for lawyers will become more of the norm and will be introduced into firms and client relationships, but less of a concern that robots will replace lawyers.

Here at DeTorres and DeGeorge we are committed to ensuring that our clients have the most critical information necessary for them to navigate their family law matters. We work hard to ensure that we have the most cutting edge information to appropriately advise our clients and work with our clients in the most efficient, effective manner possible. If you have questions concerning an AI lawyer, and how artificial intelligence could potentially impact your family law matter, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We are here to help.


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