Determining the best options for your children during the divorce process is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. If you are navigating a divorce and have a special needs child, it can make those decisions even more challenging. You will likely have additional considerations in your decree regarding your special needs child and divorce.

When you are creating your divorce settlement with a special needs child, you need to plan for their medical, childcare, and long-term care needs. Download our webinar focusing on divorce with a special needs child to learn more about planning for your child’s care post-divorce.

Carolyn Hand is both an attorney and a parent of a child with autism. She offers an experienced perspective and understands these unique challenges firsthand. In this webinar, Carolyn discusses the importance of considering all the needs of the child when making your decision including child support, special needs child custody, parenting time, and long-term care.

Download Our Special Needs Children & Divorce Webinar

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