What to Expect from the Legal Divorce Process

Choosing divorce is rarely an easy decision. It’s not easy admitting that your marriage is over. It’s not easy making the decision to move forward. Many times, though, staying in a loveless marriage or a marriage where you and your spouse have moved in different directions isn’t an option. We understand that the divorce process in New Jersey can be complex and overwhelming.

You’re considering divorce, or perhaps you’re even ready to take the first steps in the divorce process. What’s next? What is the divorce process and what is involved? Our Divorce Process Guide walks you through it.

Our attorneys have been committed to moving New Jersey families forward for nearly 30 years. We have successfully helped thousands of individuals and their families through all types of legal situations, from the complex and contested cases, to the uncontested and those resolved through mediation. Our guide draws upon our experience to break down the process into understandable steps. 

The easy-to-follow flow presents an overview of the six key legal steps in the process of divorce – filing a complaint, pretrial orders, the discovery process, negotiations, the early settlement panel, and the trial. It also provides pertinent details related to each step.

Our divorce process guide will help you:

  •         Learn the process, start to finish—from filing the petition through to final judgement
  •         Anticipate what’s expected throughout each step
  •         Understand who’s involved and their respective roles
  •         Clarify additional questions

While the very thought of divorce can feel overwhelming, knowing what to expect will ease some of the uncertainty so that you can move through the divorce process from a position of strength.

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