How to win a divorce case


How to win a divorce case

Shaking hands over a desk with papers and a statueThe divorce process can be quite a challenging experience for a number of reasons. Making the decision to divorce your spouse can be the most difficult aspect of the process, for many people. Divorce can be challenging, both physically, financially and emotionally. While most couples reach an agreement on the necessary issues to dissolve their marriage, the reality is that most often people seek the court’s assistance to address the issues that need to be negotiated as part of the process. Those issues can relate to child custody and support matters, as well as spousal support, distribution of assets and debts, and many other issues that can arise during the course of a marriage. People often want to know how to get the upper hand in divorce or make sure to get what they want in a divorce. Protecting assets and property in divorce is important and when children are involved issues concerning gaining custody of children in a divorce are paramount.

New Jersey is a no fault state so proving your spouse is at fault for divorce probably is not the best use of your time or energy, but preventing your spouse from getting a favorable settlement in the divorce and preparing for a divorce trial in the event that issues cannot be resolved as well as working on getting the best divorce settlement possible are the strategies needed in order to win a divorce.

Tips to Win a Divorce

The first step that should be taken before anything else takes place is to seek legal counsel. Even if you do not choose to hire a lawyer to represent your interests, seek legal counsel immediately. A lawyer will educate you as to what your rights are and what you should be focusing on in the divorce process. 

Be respectful of your spouse. Even though the process may be difficult, do your best to treat each other with respect. If you have children, focus on what is best for your children. What are your children’s needs? What do you want the living arrangements to be and in what situation will your children most thrive? Do not communicate with your spouse out of anger. Do not sign any documentation unless you have the benefit of consulting with legal counsel.

Decide where you want to reside after the divorce. Work on creating a list of the issues that you think are necessary to be resolved. Preparation is key in winning in your divorce case. If you want to know how to win a divorce case your best tools should be spent working on being prepared to address all of your issues, and ensuring that there are not any assets being overlooked.  It is also necessary to spend time to consider issues that will arise going forward that may not be an issue now, such as future college costs or future retirement issues that may arise. 

Contact us today if you want to learn how you can win your divorce. DeTorres & DeGeorge family law understands the difficulty that you are facing while you navigate divorce complexities. While we work zealously to settle 99% of our cases out of court, our team has the knowledge, skills and determination necessary to win even the most difficult court cases. Schedule a consultation today to discuss how to win your divorce.


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