How to Secretly Prepare for Divorce


How to Secretly Prepare for Divorce

There are many practical ways of planning a divorce secretly. The strongest step is to speak with an experienced New Jersey family lawyer. We’ll explain what financial, emotional, and practical steps you should consider before formally filing a divorce complaint. We’ll explain how to secretly prepare for divorce so you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself before the divorce process begins.

Spouses often need to consider how to secretly plan for divorce when they know their spouse is going to contest the divorce. Calm consideration of how to secretly plan for divorce is also necessary if one spouse has an affair or there are other reasons why you know that a divorce is going to be very emotionally difficult. By preparing ahead of time, you can help ensure that you’re ready for any financial or emotional problems that will make the divorce process difficult. 

Practical suggestions for how do you secretly prepare for divorce

Some of the key considerations for how to secretly plan for divorce include:

  •       Inventory your assets and income and those of your spouse. If you know your husband or wife is going to contest your claim for equitable distribution, alimony, and child support – you’ll want to make sure you know what your spouse’s assets are, where they are located, how they are titled, and how much they are worth. We’ll help you identify what assets to look for. We’ll also explain what document you should record such as financial records, tax returns, pay stub amounts, and other documents. You should have a safe place to store these documents that your spouse cannot access – such as a post office box, with a family member you trust, your work, or storage locations away from the house.
  •       Understanding your social media accounts. You need to know everything that you post on social media can be used by your spouse and vice-versa. We’ll explain how to quietly reduce your posts so that statements, pictures, or videos aren’t used in court.
  •       Getting a separate mailbox. This includes a physical mailbox and/or a separate email account. This way, we can communicate with you so that your spouse doesn’t know you’re working with a lawyer and we can answer your questions confidentially.
  •       Open a separate bank account. To the extent you can put savings into a new account you should. We’ll explain when you can safely withdraw funds from any joint accounts. We’ll also explain your right to temporary alimony once the divorce process begins. 

A wife secretly planning for divorce needs to understand that how to secretly prepare for divorce involves being emotionally comfortable. Our skilled New Jersey divorce lawyers explain that part of the process of how to secretly plan for a divorce may include counseling with a therapist. If you have children, you should prepare what you will say to your children about the marriage ending and be ready for their questions and anxiety.

Other emotional factors involved with how to secretly prepare for divorce include understanding which relatives and friends you can confide in during the divorce and after the divorce – and which family and friends may support your husband.

How to secretly prepare for divorce includes understanding all your divorce rights and what factors are used to evaluate those rights. There are many factors that affect equitable distribution, alimony, and child support. There are also critical factors that affect your right to legal and physical custody. By reviewing these factors with a seasoned divorce lawyer, you can strengthen these factors and help reduce the severity of any criticisms your spouse may have.

Many of the considerations involved with how to secretly prepare for divorce also apply to a husband secretly planning for divorce. We’ll explain, for example, how having an economic advantage may help you. You need to be careful though. Using that advantage may impress on a judge that you’re being vindictive and not putting your family first.

How to secretly prepare for divorce also includes understanding the alternatives. Sometimes, the key to a successful divorce is a friendly resolution rather than a contested divorce. While you want to prepare for yourself for a contest, you should also consider what steps may help convince your spouse that you want to work things out. How to secretly prepare for divorce includes understanding that mediation and the collaborative divorce process are usually faster and less expensive than a full-scale divorce.

Other secret divorce preparation factors

Deciding how to secretly prepare for divorce also includes:

  •       Trying to maintain your standard of living so that your spouse pays the correct amount of alimony.
  •       Preparing yourself for focusing on your career after the divorce so you and your family can pay your bills and enjoy life.

At DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law, our divorce lawyers understand how frightening the divorce process is. We’ll help you understand how to secretly prepare for divorce so that you’re as ready as possible once you decide to file the divorce complaint. To discuss your divorce rights, call us at 908-691-2104 or fill out our contact form to make an appointment. We have offices in Clinton and Florham Park.

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