Keeping your small business running smoothly and efficiently requires you to manage a range of intricate moving parts—and that includes a myriad of legal matters. You’re not ready to bring on an in-house legal staff, but you want to make sure your legal interests are protected—without breaking the bank. DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law can help by way of our Concierge Legal Services for small businesses.

For a fixed monthly fee at a set number of hours, we’ll act as your on-demand legal counsel to guide you through your business law needs.

For example, we can help you:

  • Create contracts
  • Interpret proposals and contracts’ fine print
  • Address employment law-related concerns

The subscription-based model is ideal for businesses with fewer than 20 employees who need ongoing and proactive legal support—from simple questions and concerns to complex legal matters—at a predictable monthly fee.

With personal attention from our team of experienced attorneys, our Concierge Legal Services will not only give you peace of mind, but also empower you to protect your brand and support your ongoing business objectives.

Contact our team today to discuss your business law needs.

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