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Divorce, Career Coaching and the New Nature of Work

Written by guest writer, Linda Kennyhertz, Strategic Change Associates There are many phases in an individual’s life where working with a career coach may be necessary in order to move ahead. This could include graduating from college, corporate downsizing, becoming

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How Will Divorce Affect My Kids?

Most people who are going through a divorce recognize that this is a big decision – not only for themselves but one that will affect the entire family.  While divorcing spouses may understand that the process will have an impact

August 5, 2019 Read More

What You Need to Know About Your Restricted Stock Units and Divorce in NJ

What You Need to Know About Your Restricted Stock Units and Divorce in NJ

Many employers, especially those who employ high-level executives, offer compensation packages that are not simply based on salary. Publicly traded companies often provide their employees with additional benefits, including stock options and Restricted Stock Units. Restricted Stock Units, also called

July 10, 2019 Read More

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