Move Forward With Us 

You have your side of the story to tell.  It’s up to us to listen empathetically and explain how the legal system will and will not work towards your desired outcome. Choosing DeTorres & DeGeorge means you expect our attorneys to know and apply Family Law to the fullest extend. You expect us to easily do what large generalized firms struggle to do.  

For twenty-seven-plus years we have successfully guided people into strong legal positions. You can count on us to help think through tough decisions, so you and your loved ones can pursue a better quality of life.  From your initial decision to divorce, to alimony, child custody, college tuition, to high asset estate and business settlements, you can count on us to remain attentive to your legal needs throughout significant life events.

When you decide to meet with DeTorres & DeGeorge, we know you are taking a brave first step to Move Forward.  We know this is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life.  Be assured that you are in strong, trusting and capable hands.

Rosanne DeTorres is 1 of 150 NJ Matrimonial Law attorneys certified by the NJ Supreme Court.  She is well-respected in Central New Jersey court systems and surrounding communities. Erin DeGeorge has extensive experience in Family Law and has earned an enviable peer reputation for legal tenaciousness and surprising outcomes for her clients.